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  • kas 02-div

    Kas has become an important touristic underwater diving center in recent years with various diving clubs in the Yacht harbor.

    The turquoise blue water transports you to another world while the Mediterranean's sunken remains, decorated with all kinds of fish, sponges, octopi, and sunken vessels with their amphorae make for exquisite diving conditions!.

    Sometimes you may even see Caretta-Caretta sea turtles or touch a dolphin during your exciting dives.

    One of the best dives - for the more advanced - is over an Italian WW2 plane.

    Kas has a rich selection of dive sites and organised diving trips, sea-faris and dive packages are available at great prices from over 9 different dive centers, in almost any language and dive affiliation / association.

  • kayaking-2We organise "sunken city canoe tours" along the shore of Kekova , Uchagis and Kale every second day.

    Beautifully tranquil bays, historical sites, a sunken city and Simena await your discovery.

    We also organize canoe trips down the peaceful Esencayi River, starting in Kinik, 45 km from Kas.
  • sunkencity

    The region of Kekova gets its name from this island opposite Kalekoy (Kale Peninsula).

    It is just ten minutes offshore by boat from Uchagis or can be reached by boat from Kas.

    Boats dock at the island in Tersane (An ancient bay where shipping repairs once took place) and where you stop on the way for a barbeque or fresh Turkish Pancakes for lunch and which has the ruens of a Byzantine church scattered along the shore.

  • paragliding

    The cliffs in Kas are among the best for paragliding in Turkey.

    Jumps are done under expert supervision and with proper safety equipment.

    If you're looking for a thrilling experience, come enjoy the greenery of the mountains and the beautiful turquoise views of the clear Mediterranean while paragliding from cliffs.
  • boat-ind

    Ateş Pension organizes private 3 day/4 night yacht tours yacht tours for you.

    We can arrange boat tours that are convenient for your needs for you.

  • myra
    The town of demre is lies about 48km from the Kas and you can get there by Dolmus (minibus taxi) from Kas, or by taking a day trip via Uchagis, or taxi or rental.

    Since this is not a touristic town, there is not a good variety of accomodation and it is recommended to visit this area in the form of a day trip from Kas.

    As you approach the town of demre from Kas you are descending through a pass and see what seems like a land of mirrors. The entire valley that makes up demre and the surrounding area is filled with glass and plastic hot-houses for growing tomatoes and citrus fruit.
  • xanthos
    The ruins of Xanthos are among the most attractive ancient remains of Turkey and deserve a special visit. It is located 45 km from Kas on the east shore of the Esen Creek in the borders of Kinik.

    It was the capital city of Lycian Union beginning in 168 BC. Findings from the acropolis indicate that the city's history extends to 8th century BC. The city was a proud example of Lycian resistance during the siege by Harpagos of the Persians in 545 BC, but failed to prevent its capture. After being conquered by Alexander the Great, it was ruled by Seluicids and Romans. The city saw its greatest development under the Romans who practically rebuilt the whole city in 42 BC after the destruction caused by Brutus. It was then an Imperial Province together with Pamphylia until it temporarily gained independence under Nero.

    In 73-74 AD it again was annexed into the Province of Lycia - Pamphylia. In Byzantine times the city walls were renovated and a monastery was built at the top of the hill on the north. It was also an Episcopal center.

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